Over lockdown, I researched and became fascinated by the history of astrology and particularly about Galileo and his mix of maths and science. I loved to look at Galileo's drawings of the sky and stars, looking at the mathematical relationship between the planets and the stars and trying to understand the physics behind it.


In honour of Galileo’s technical drawings I was inspired to decorate circles of solid gold wire with diamonds that emulate true and fictional positions of the stars. Playing around with the placement of these beautiful diamonds into wearable and modern jewellery enabled this collection to come together.


I make each piece out of solid recycled gold - whether it is 9k, 14k or 18k. I create the circles using various sizes of mandrels, sawing them and soldering them shut in the traditional way. I make my own tiny mounts out of hammered wire to fit perfectly each and every diamond snug. I solder the mounts onto different places on the circles and then I polish them first before setting each diamond in a bezel setting.

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