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As nominated in The Jeweller, Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and Jewel Street


Each piece of our jewellery is hand made in our London studio by our in-house team of artists using traditional metalsmithing techniques. We mix ancient artisanal metalsmithing skills, with a fresh and modern aesthetic to create pieces for fashionable women that have a distinctive London vibe. 

Domestic handmade production eliminates the heavy waste and pollution that can come from high volume and machine made jewellery, and it reduces the carbon imprint that massive international import and export leaves on the earth. Crafting each piece by hand imbues our creations with a sense of spirit and energy that cannot be replicated in mass market production, and it increases the demand for artisan job opportunities in our own community.


"We believe in creating ethical and sustainable fine jewellery, beautiful modern pieces rooted in my design, craft and business philosophy.

Being hand crafted in London, using ethical, recycled and sustainably sourced materials and practices in my studio, means that we can create and control our business and production choices; we have a zero-waste strategy, and redefine what 'ethical' and 'precious' means.


We believe in creating handmade 'to order' pieces just for you, tailored to your wishes with an incredible choice of precious metals and gemstones. Meaning there will never be another one like it whilst also negating waste and the ills of fast fashion from over stock ."




We believe in making beautiful pieces doesn't come at a price to people or the earth.  As an ethical fine jeweller, we consciously and compassionately ensure our materials, processes and people are ethical, sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. From recycling our own precious metals in house, to using eco alternatives to the chemicals used in jewellery manufacture, we care about how we make jewellery as much as who we make it for.


We are a connected part of the world around us and we do whatever we can to ensure that we do right by everyone.

Our jewellery is made with recycled gold sourced from a Green Certified refinery with the highest environmental standards. We are meticulous in our collecting and reuse of scrap metal and unused materials to ensure that we are not creating any unnecessary waste. Using strictly recycled metals, as well as managing that metal as responsibly as possible, is how we minimize the environmental impact of our production. It certainly doesn't mean that the quality of the gold isn't of the highest quality, it means that we are keeping our jewellery and our planet beautiful.


The idea behind using recycled metals applies to many other aspects of our business; we constantly look for ways we can reduce our consumption of natural resources, including using packaging from recycled materials, using eco and green alternatives to many parts of the manufacturing process and reusing and recycling everything that we possibly can.


We believe in karma, what goes around comes around and we believe it is vital to keep small businesses alive. We obtain our gemstones and diamonds direct from the best generational experts from around the world. 


Passionate and expert about working closely with us to source beautiful, sustainably sourced and one-of-a-kind pieces, but also creating a global sense of love and community to drive each other on.


We believe sustainability is also about working together, creating relationships for life with our suppliers as well as our stockists, partners committed to delivery the very best without harming the environment and sustainably keeping small businesses thriving. That's also true sustainability and businesses with a purpose.


We believe in making each piece of jewellery to your order, to your specifications.


We don't believe in mass producing as who wants to have a piece of jewellery like someone else?


We are all unique and special, so every piece is completely customisable by offering a wide choice of precious metal and gold carats  in 9, 14 or 18 and colours rose, yellow or white gold.

We are realists too and don't believe that you should wait the 'normal' timescales from a traditional jeweller, so we aim to make and send it to you within 2 weeks. Not bad for something bespoke, personalised and customised...

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