Goldsmith's Workbench

We are Lily Flo Jewellery

Fine jewellery everybody can wear

Your new fine jewellery, designed to uplift you, everyday.

The days where you only wear your best for special occasions are long gone, we have such busy lives, we want to feel great everyday.


 The idea behind Lily Flo is simple: create high-quality pieces, goldsmith-crafted jewellery that can be worn forever. Born in London & crafted using the expertise of our in-house atelier: we offer all women luxury quality at a fair & accessible price.


We say fine jewellery is there to make you feel wonderful everyday. 



Lily Flo Jewellery embraces time-honored goldsmith techniques with a modern sensibility and ethical production, to create feminine pieces for the contemporary woman who doesn’t wish to compromise style for how things are made.


Each piece uses recycled gold, natural and lab diamonds and eco friendly production, designed and crafted by Diana Sherling in her studio in London.


A combination of historical and artistic references defines the Lily Flo style:Lily Flo is poetic and romantic, dainty and modern, graceful and light, heartfelt and meaningful.


The hallmarks of the Lily Flo atelier include a creative approach to metalworking, narrative, and silhouette.


Artisan techniques and intricate gemsetting are used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless Lily Flo aesthetic.

Goldsmith Tools

Solid Gold

Because we believe in investing in jewellery that will last, we prioritize our solid gold designs.


We source the best quality at competitive prices and use recycled gold so that it negates harm to the environment and ensures provenance, so that you can invest in pieces to treasure, that you know come from a good place.

All our gold pieces can be made in Sterling Silver.

Blinding Diamonds

Ethical Sourcing

Our diamonds and gemstones are 100% natural, conflict-free, and ethically sourced.


We use recycled diamonds, responsibly sourced diamonds and lab grown diamonds to find you the best of the best, and always do our research to ensure our materials adhere to the highest standards of the GIA and the Kimberly Process.


No Mark-Ups

We know you have expensive taste, but we cater to your love of all things fancy without prices that'll make your head spin.


Why pay more than you have to? It's just not really our thing.


By women, for women

As a women founded business, we find power in grace, femininity and emotional empowerment.


We seek to promote female-focused causes and collaborate with female stylists, photographers, models and journalists.

London City

Designed and made in London

Born or in love, we are all Londoners and call this great city home.


It's our constant inspiration and explains our appreciation for both luxury and urban thriving together.


All our pieces are designed and made in our studio in London. Everything is made in-house with our female only team - only the best!

Green Thumb

Responsible and Sustainable.

It's not just something we say, but something that is inherant in every part of our business.


From our materials; all our gold is recycled gold as much as possible, including from product development is fully recycled, our diamonds are often recycled or lab grown - sustainability is at the core of our design process.

Our production processes have replaced any toxic chemical usually used in production with eco or green alternatives.

Sarah Stardust.jpg


We treat everyone with respect and kindness, and feel truly honored to get to be a part of the celebration of all types of relationships and love, from marriage to friendship to family.


We never pressure anyone into buying — we don’t work on commission and we celebrate getting to make our customers truly happy!


We listen to our customers — what they want and how we can serve them better.


A real person in London, with deep experience and knowledge, is answering every call and email with individual care and attention.

"It's just not good enough to make beautiful products anymore, the products and the business needs to have soul.


This soul is about creating pieces that are in themselves responsible, sustainable and kind to the earth and the people that make them.


But this soul is not just about the past or the present materials and manufacture, but also the future, of creating a sustainable business that supports and educates women and the communities that connect them" 

      Diana Sherling

Ethical Fine Jewellery Brand to Watch"

As nominated in The Jeweller, Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and Jewel Street