With an understated approach to design and an ethical focus in making, London designer and Master Jeweller, Diana Sherling, creates graceful and elegant fine jewellery from her studio in London.


Born and bred in London, Diana draws inspiration from the ancient and modern world; from art, style and organic forms, celebrating the perfectly imperfect.  


Inspired to create dainty jewellery, Diana initially studied Ancient Art and Archaeology in London, lecturing at the British Museum, but after a successful career as an advertising strategist , the pull to design and create was too strong and she then trained in Jewellery Design, Goldsmithing and Gemology at the University of Arts London, apprenticed in Hatton Garden and now works from her studio in London.

She often speaks publicaly at International Jewellery London, Wolf & Badger and other events about being an independent business and being a n ethical and responsible designer business.

Meet Diana Sherling

Creative Director and Founder

Diana Sherling is the Creative Director and Founder of her brand of fine jewellery, named and inspired by her daughter, Lily Florence.


Diana was born and raised in London with a passion for the arts and craft. Her great-grandfather was a central part of the Birmingham Jewellery Community at the turn of the 20th century in jewellery and diamonds, while her mother is a passionate art historian of Rembrandt, Dali and Magrittte. As a child, her family travelled all over the globe and this art and culture perspective shapes her work today. Diana's own passion centred around Ancient Art, which her first class university passion led to pursue her Masters with the Archaeological Institute in London in Bronze Age, Egyptian and Near Eastern art where she lecture at the British Museum and worked on archaeological excavations around the Black Sea.


Passionate about iconography, she has always been fascinated by how images shape culture, she pursued a successful career in advertising as a global luxury strategist. Always connected to London culture, whilst she and her husband built their own collection of post modern contemporary art. After leading an extra-ordinary career, Diana really wanted to create herself, and this mixture of old and new, digital and artisan inspired her to create her own fine jewellery line in 2015 after graduating from the University of Arts in London in Contemporary and Fine Jewellery.  


Diana's passion about artisan craft and art history infuses her work. Always starting from her ‘Muse’, whether current or historical, her collections always embody the balance of strength and sensuality.   Diana's designs are ephemeral and graceful with a romantic femininity, whilst at the same time, as she lives and works in London, the way women live today, the textures of the city and its history connects her to the role that jewellery plays in empowering busy career women.


She is passionate and speaks publicly about ethical jewellery and digital marketing for the jewellery industry where she has been published by The Jeweller, Professional Jeweller, Retail Jeweller and Jewel Street as an Ethical brand to watch. 

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