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The Atelier

The Atelier

We are a woman owned-and-operated business where people are encouraged to be themselves and are judged on their merits.

Our team works together in a beautiful, light-filled and clean garden studio, with fresh air, lots of light, new tools and equipment, in stark contrast to an industry notorious for people working out of poorly-ventilated, dark basements.

We strive to set the standard for what a jewellery studio should be and a life enveloped with nature and creativity.



As a child, I was surrounded by art, craft and handiwork with my Master Tailor Grandfather, my entrepreneurial grandmother and my needlework and art historian mother, to whom has an extra ordinary vibrant jewellery collection. I was nutured into a colourful, vibrant art and craft world.

From the very beginning, my jewellery designs were always going to be made by hand, in the traditional goldsmithing way, but not traditional styles.


My jewellery is to be worn, to be treasured and loved. The way I love to wear jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is made by the same love and passion of the women who pass on this great energy into each and every piece. I want that energy respected and loved, so everyone works in-house, I will never outsource any of the manufacturing process.


At Lily Flo we believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity — that includes our staff, our customers, our community, our material suppliers and the earth itself.

The jewellery industry has a poor track record of being accountable for the environmental impact it has and how its workers are treated; we are working to change that standard.

To achieve this, we:

Make everything right here in our beautiful London studio
Only work with people we trust
Follow up on the claims made by our suppliers
Consider the impact of every decision
Are 100% honest about what we know/don’t know


Even though my (daughters) name is over the door, the success of my business depends on every individual who is involved, who gives their all everyday.

Everyone is paid honourably and our working conditions in our studio, is healthy, safe and loving. I take pride in the way I respect those that work with me, where ever they are, in the studio, in Hatton Garden or around the world, direct from where I source my diamonds.


I am to ensure fair and safe practices exist in all aspects of my work. This means that our diamonds are conflict-free and compliant with the Kimberly Process and all of our gemstones are ethically sourced from reputable partners.


We use recycled 9ct, 14ct and 19ct gold and we have replaced many toxic chemicals in the studio to green and environmentally friendly, We are zero waste



My focus, and always will be, on women who are seeking handmade, fine jewellery to wear for a lifetime. I design each and every piece with a woman or muse in mind.

I then sketch and prototype the designs to bring them to life. I have longstanding relationships with the gold refinery in Hatton Garden and my diamond suppliers to hand select the materials.


I wear each and every piece of jewellery to ensure that each dimension to movement is exactly how I envisioned it. I intend for all of my pieces to be lived in, loved and hopefully passed on to generations to come