Karma Unity FLAT yellow gold earrings and necklace3 (2).jpg


karma necklace all colours.jpg


I believe in Karma. I believe in doing the right thing, being good and compassionate to the people and the world around me.


Karma for me is never ending and circular - it connects the people you love and know, it connects the fragility of the earth and the creatures within it. All the metal used in this collection is recycled, there are no chemical nasties in my processes and its’ just pure. For me, it was a logical jump to metaphorically use the circle as the basis for my collection, and then the joining circles of chains for its evolution.


Creating circles and ovals in solid gold is harder than it looks and is quite an art form, so these circles became the basis of the collection. I then created my own texturing hammers to give this unusual texture that adds depth to the circle design as well as enabling the sunlight to sparkle off the surface. I then added cascading circles and circles with hidden diamonds to give it some life and depth and it has become one of my best selling collections.