My Story

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Diana Sherling founded Lily Flo Jewellery to guide her through her personal transformation.

Each piece of jewellery is inspired by finding fun, light and grace in each moment to give us strength and power.

These everyday pieces, celebrate the beauty of being a women, becoming exactly who she is, in her own world.


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Diana spent her early childhood in surrealist art galleries with her mother, and traditional crafting with her grandmother. She fell in love with Greek mythology at school and studied first Classics, then Masters in Ancient art in London. Her love of art history, culture and making inspired her career in advertising and lifelong love of painting and sculpture.

In 2015, Diana launched Lily Flo, inspired by her daughter, in order to transform to become the woman she always wanted to be and make jewellery that she always wanted as a career woman. Discrete talismans of joy and power. She left her successful advertising career to change her life, for herself and for her family.

She wanted to learn to be both goldsmith and designer, to be creator of beautiful delicate, fine jewellery ethically and sustainably with a business in the heart of London's Hatton Garden. Old meets new.


Eight years in, and Diana goes from strength to strength as an ethical goldsmith and designer as well as an intrinsic part of the London ethical jewellery community where she often speaks publicly on brand creation and ethical production, and collaborates with London female stylists and photographers to create beautiful images seen in press and blogs around the world.


Romantic and pretty

A combination of cultural and artistic references defines the Lily Flo style: particularly sculpture and painting of the Post Impressionists and 20th century fashion.

Lily Flo is poetic and romantic, dainty and modern, graceful and light, heartfelt and meaningful with a creative approach to metalworking, narrative, and silhouette.

It all started with a deep love of design and a will to be a business does good.


It started with an incredibly creative young girl, who loved art history but ended up following a career in advertising. From a childhood mooching around art galleries, travelling the world and a deep love of fashion, Diana grew up in a family full of art, entrepreneurship and craft.


Her art history childhood was defined by her mothers passion for Rembrandt and the Surrealists as much as her own passion for the world of Ancient Greece and Rome. She fell in love with the stories and the crafts and ended up lecturing at the British Museum as part of her Masters in Ancient Art. Ancient and Modern art has been the mainstay of her passions throughout her life, from a successful career in advertising, to painting and fashion, the blend of craft for a modern world is core to her design philosophy.




Life experience to create jewellery you deserve.

The story of Lily Flo begins with a belief that life begins at 40 with an unrequited creative passion and a love of jewellery.

Throughout her advertising career, Diana felt the power of jewellery to be empowering talismans and felt driven to design and make jewellery that empowered women.

From family heirlooms to pieces that represent her many milestones, Diana felt that there was a significant gap to create contemporary, luxury pieces with a unique twist designed for the modern woman.

Jewellery that was genuine goldsmith made, versatile styles that were made with solid gold and diamonds, ethical and responsibly made in house in her studio in London.


Expertise to create your perfect jewellery

Inspired by the creative skills of her Master Tailor Grandfather, Master Jeweller and Diamond Trader Great Grandfathers, Diana grew up in a savvy and art loving family.

Believing you can't be good at one without viscerally understanding the other, Diana went back to college to study jewellery design and goldsmithing in London. 

Diana has studied Contemporary and Fine Jewellery at the City Lit, Working Men's College, Jewellers Academy, Domestika and is currently studying for a BTEC Level 3 in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Morley College. She intends to continue her education with a second degree and masters in Jewellery Design and Goldsmithing in London.

Ethically goldsmtih made in our London studio


Truly custom made for you

Artisan techniques and intricate gemsetting are used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless Lily Flo aesthetic.

Every piece is made completely inhouse in our London studio. This means that you can tailor and personalise any piece to make it yours.

Passionate about the ethical jewellery community

Lily Flo has been selected by the UK's major Jewellery Publications of The Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and Retail Jeweller as an 'Ethical brand to watch' and featured in Vogue, Elle and many international fashion publications.

She has given seminars and spoken on creative and ethical jewellery business as International Jewellery London, Wolf & Badger Fine Jewellery, Handmade in Britain and has written articles for Professional Jeweller and Retail Jeweller.