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About The Ethical Collection

Giovanna Eastwood founded Ethical Collection in 2015, encouraged by the work of her mother's charity in Brazil. The charity taught young women to craft and sell bags made of recycled material and Giovanna witnessed the impact that the work had on these women and their communities. The pride they took in their art and the environmental benefits of recycled material gave her inspiration and incentive to dedicate her skills to ethical fashion.

Enthusiastic about her friend Giovanna's style and purpose, Annina Youngblood joined Ethical Collection in late 2016. Always inspired by the value of people, their stories and skills, Annina took a leap of faith and left her career in finance to invest in her creative side. What started out as two friends sharing ideas about sustainable fashion led to a flourishing, fruitful collaboration.

Together, they give us the choice of style with a story.

Annoucing Lily Flo as their new jewellery

We are thrilled that The Ethical Collection has asked Lily Flo Jewellery to be part of their concept store in Notting Hill as well as part of their ecommerce website.

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