• Diana Sherling

Marsha and Diana present their Catwalk Project at the City Lit

You may know that this year I've wanted to really extend my design skills as a jewellery designer, so I've been doing to Contemporary Jewellery Course at the City Lit this year, directed by Elizabeth Bone.

For our catwalk project, we have been inspired by Louise Seijen Ten Hoorn - an amazing jewellery design and catwalk artist.

Our task was to work in pairs, and I had the pleasure of working with Marsha Reeves, where we looked for inspiration in the depths of the oceans in sea creatures.

Marsha initially developed this magical petal like shape, and I helped choreograph the pieces and played with shapes. I began by cutting out multiple shapes out of copper and bronze sheet... and then I wanted to try materials that had more movement and could be altered, so we had fun playing with scale using paper, tracing paper and tissue paper which I then spray painted gold and made into a great little headress.

I particularly like the 'hat' made of lots of the brass petals that I wrapped to brass wire onto a hair comb that looks amazing (I might even wear it).

We presented our inspiration and our design and concept process as well as catwalking them in front of our fashion and jewellery audience - was great fun!

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