Showcasing at Best of Britannia Show as the Best of British Jewellery Design

Best of Britannia is an uplifting and inspirational retail and events platform for the growing number of people looking to purchase high quality products, made right here in Britain by people who take great pride in making things beautifully.

BOB is at the vanguard of a UK-wide phenomenon, as the manufacturing skills that were the foundation of Britain’s past prosperity undergo an extraordinary renaissance. From the Scottish Highlands to the South Downs, from Norwich to Penzance, we are witnessing the re-birth of the well-made object – the high-quality artefact, produced here by people who have honed their skills over generations. Craftsmen and women, artisans, designers and manufacturers have been curated and united here at BOB – we want to sell to the world the products from the men and women who have devoted themselves to their creation.

With the Creative Industries bringing a staggering collective £87 billion into the UK economy and employing 1 in every 11 people it is time that we started shouting about it from the rooftops, showing how proud we are of how brilliant we collectively are. It is time too, that both British retailer and consumer recognises the sheer quality of what is produced here and chooses to prioritise British-made goods over produce made elsewhere for which the provenance is less assured and for which the environmental impact of it reaching these shores is well-documented. The BOB team came together in 2012 and since then, we have devoted ourselves to building a collective of brands and their makers via, first an event platform and now an accompanying online retail platform.


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