Capella Buttercup Set Blue Montana Sapphire Ring

The Capella is our dainty classic solitaire ring that we make by hand in our studio in London.


This is our dainty and contemporary setting to inspire light, which features a 6 claw buttercup setting rising a magnificent round solitaire diamond to capture the suns rays at every angle.


Created especially for you, this is natural, responsibly earth-mined and beautifully rare, Montana Teal Blue Sapphire with a dominant hue of very slightly turquoise blue, cut into a Round shape. This stone weighs 0.60 carats


However, this is only a guide, and if you are looking for a specific size, or tailoring of the design in any way, we are more than happy to discuss this with you - at 


Quiet and understated, the setting enables the beautiful of the Sapphire to simply sparkle, with a modern feel.


The above ring features

  • 5mm size

  • 0.6ctw

  • Natural, unheated, conflict free Blue Sapphire

  • Dominant Color: Hue: very slightly greenish Blue, Saturation: Strong

  • Cut: Brilliance: Excellent, Proportions: Excellent, Finish: Very Good

  • Clarity: Clarity Grade: Slightly Included (Due to Color Zoning), Clarity Type: II, Clarity Characteristics: Cavity, Color zoning, Growth zoning

  • Set in solid gold

  • Solid 9k yellow, rose or white gold, 14k yellow gold or 18k rose, yellow or white gold. All our gold is eco / recylced or fairtrade.



    Every piece of Lily Flo Jewellery is meticulously handmade in our London studio

    Everything can be made in Sterling Silver, 9k rose, yellow or white gold, 14k yellow gold or 18k rose, white or yellow gold

    Every piece is tailor made to your request - so we can alter gold, add some gemstones or pearls or personalisation to make it completely yours.. just ask us or email us at

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