Inspired by falling stars from heaven, our iconic Stardust collection is much loved by stylists, bloggers and customers alike.


Each piece is made by slicing and hammering tiny discs of solid gold directly onto dainty and delicate chains, this collection of layering necklaces, chandelier earrings and stacking bracelets is designed to softly move with your body, soft to touch, empowering to the soul.​

“I wanted to create a collection that philosophically feeds the soul as much as making the women who wear them empowered to feel sexy and free. Very much ‘modern bohemian’ in ethos, this collection of delicate and dainty chains scattered with hand sliced and hammered gold and silver discs emulating the cascading falling stars from heaven. Designed to be as light as a feather and move softly against the body, they dance as you dance and envelope you as a hug to enable you to be happy and free”

diamond studs claw setting.jpg

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