Paying it forward

paying it forward

“One of the best moments of my life was when I realised I could build a creative business from the ground up, with the beliefs and passions about being creative, supporting partner small businesses and brings ethical practices to the mainstream.

I believe to create a business that inspires my daughter Lily to be free and follow her own future path, to support other women like me with a new lease of life, but be a business that had the potential to make a real difference in society and our communities.

Not just the way I’d been doing it before - by making special pieces that brought happiness - but by using the potential of a brand to really stand for something. Lily Flo is more than just a business - it’s an opportunity to inspire young girls to be their creative entrepreneurial selves, it gives mums new skills and a new lease of life and it enables us to reach out to the wider community to pay it forward. Not just give back, but inspire, innovative and support the future." ​ — Diana Sherling, CEO

Long term charitable support

10% profits go to charity

We’re striving to create the change we want to see in the world in a variety of ways primarily giving back to the people and causes we feel passionately about.

We believe in 'paying it forward' to use our business to support ongoing causes like the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Cancer Research and the NSPCC and those we feel particularly passionate about.

If you have a charity that you think we would be a great fit for, please let us know.


Internships and Mentoring

We believe that charity begins at home and that it is just as important to give of yourself, your time, rather than just your money.
We know how hard it is to get your first foot in the door and really see what its like to be part of a creative business.
Diana has been an advertising and luxury strategist for 15 years before she started Lily Flo, so she knows a thing or two about all aspects of branding, marketing, crm in all channels... If you are looking for an internship or more experience, email us at