People and Planet

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We are committed to in-house design and manufacture, using 100% recycled gold, maintaining a low carbon footprint and zero waste.

Our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced from our trusted suppliers and we offer a life-long guarantee to ensure that your jewellery will be with you forever.

Handmade was never made to be mass produced

As a child, I was surrounded by art, craft and handiwork and nurtured into a colourful, vibrant art and craft world.

From the very beginning, my jewellery was always going to be made using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Using humans, means that every piece is imperfectly perfect, the touch of a real loving human.

For our bridal collection, we are deeply committed to support London British manufacturers. I am highly invested in supporting the heritage skill of local historic manufacturers. These modern heirlooms are created using the ancient lost wax casting technique. I handmake each individual wax and then each piece is cast by local craftspeople, and then back to our studio for me set and polish it into its final piece. We support local craftspeople and suppliers to ensure low carbon emissions, zero waste and the future of our community in London.



By women, for women

As a women founded business, we find power in grace, femininity and emotional empowerment. We design jewellery to fit perfectly in your life and inspire each moment.

My jewellery is to be worn, to be treasured and loved. The way I love to wear jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is made by the same love and passion of the women who pass on this great energy into each and every piece. I want that energy respected and loved, so everyone works in-house.


We seek to promote female-focused causes and collaborate with female stylists, photographers, models and journalists.



Lily Flo Jewellery embraces time-honoured goldsmith techniques with a modern sensibility and ethical production, to create feminine pieces for those who doesn’t wish to compromise style for how things are made.

Each piece uses recycled gold, vintage and lab diamonds and eco friendly production, designed and crafted by Diana Sherling in her studio in London.

Our team works together in a beautiful, light-filled and clean garden studio, with fresh air, lots of light, new tools and equipment, in stark contrast to an industry notorious for people working out of poorly-ventilated, dark basements.



Recycled and Lab Grown Diamonds

All our diamonds are now vintage upcycled or lab grown - we offer both kinds for everything.

We have stopped purchasing new mined diamonds as a small business, we can't compete with the big players for complete transparent provenance, so we use vintage recycled diamonds (they are often prettier as they are old cut, and always completely unique) and lab grown diamonds from some of the most innovative companies in the UK and beyond.

Recycled Gold

Because we believe in investing in jewellery that will last, we prioritize our solid gold designs.

We source the best quality at competitive prices and use recycled gold so that it negates harm, so that you can invest in pieces to treasure, that you know come from a good place.

We use only recycled 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold. All our gold pieces can be made in recycled Sterling Silver - just ask.

All our gold is purchased from Cookson Gold who are part of the Heimerle + Meule GmbH group, and certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

By nature, the jewellery industry recycles most materials due to their high value. There is also very little waste created during our creation process. Any cut offs, go back into the raw materials, and will be used the next day to create another Lily Flo piece



Ethical, Eco and Sustainable Business

To achieve this, we:

- Make everything right here in our beautiful London studio

- Only work with people we trust

- Only work with recycled gold (to negate issues with slavery, economics along the supply chain

- Only work with Vintage or Lab Grown Diamonds

- Replace all chemicals in our production process to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and disposed safely

- Design with sustainability and waste in mind. Our pieces are created to ensure minimal waste if at all, hence why we handmake to order, to ensure no wasted stock.

- Are 100% honest about what we know/don’t know

On our way to becoming


We are working towards becoming B Corp Certified

Becoming part of the B Corp certification is important joining a global movement of like-minded businesses pushing for change – but we have been a sustainably focussed business since our founding in 2015.

B Corp is an international standard for ethics, transparency, and accountability in business. Companies that are certified to the B Corp standard lead the way in the business community by using business as a force for good. The idea is that through their products and practices, businesses should aspire to not only do no harm, but to benefit all. 

Becoming a B Corp is hard – the bar is high and the process is rigorous. Recertification confirms these standards continue to be met on an ongoing basis. .

What are B Corp™ businesses?

Simply put, certified B Corps are companies who are committed to prioritising the environment and society in the way they do business.

Certified B Corporations® are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Using business as a force for good.

Certifying as a B Corp means that a company is legally and morally committed to prioritising their responsibility to the environment and society. So whether it’s decisions about the products we make, the people we employ or the partners we work with, we legally have to prioritise the welfare of people and planet, not just profits. We want to use business as a vehicle to drive positive change in the world, and the B Corp community is fully committed to this mission.

Good companies, not just good products.

Just because a company makes good products, doesn’t necessarily make them a good company. Whilst that specific product may be sourced in a responsible way that has a positive impact, it doesn’t mean the company that makes it is doing all their business that way. Certifying as a B Corp is an incredibly rigorous process, covering every area of a business; from products and sustainability policies, to culture and the way they communicate with customers. So when you see the B Corp logo, you know that company has been independently verified and is acting in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible, all the way through the business.

It’s not just a rubber stamp.

There are a lot of sustainability certifications out there, and it can often be confusing for consumers to discern which ones actually carry weight. As well as legally binding commitments to the environment and society, B Corp certified companies are continually re-assessed and are required to pass the re-certification process every 3 years. This ensures that B Corps are always held to account – continually monitoring their impact and trying to improve the way they do business, for the benefit of people and planet.


The Lily Flo Customer Experience

We treat everyone with respect and kindness, and feel truly honoured to get to be a part of the celebration of all types of relationships and love, from marriage to friendship to family.


We listen to our customers and love creating custom pieces or personalising your jewellery bespoke for you.


A real person in London, with deep experience and knowledge, is answering every chat or email with individual care and attention.