Virgo Diamond Medallion


Smart, sophisticated, & kind. Inspired by Mercury, Virgos are adept at seeing the bigger picture. They are always there to lend a hand & advice. Our new Zodiac collection makes the perfect gift for yourself or those you love, crafted individually crafted in our studio in London. 

Each disc is 25mm/1inch in diameter and 1mm thick and sourced from upcycled ethical solid gold.

 The constellations for each zodiac star sign are carefully replicated in flush set diamonds of various sizes depending on how bright and big key stars in that constellation are.

Each diamond is lab grown, conflict-free, brilliant cut and beautiful and flush set by hand and the disc is set on a beautiful 18inch solid gold chain.



Every piece of Lily Flo Jewellery is designed and handmade in our own studio in London.

We are an ethical jeweller; all our gold is recycled and we use lab grown and recycled vintage diamonds, all from the highest quality sources here in London to reduce any carbon footprint or issues with slavery or transparency through the supply chain.

We are an artisanal jeweller, using traditional goldsmithing and gemstone setting skills - everything is made with genuine love and passion in-house.

This means that we can adapt and design anything bespoke for you, so if you want something just let us know.